Search word in files – Linux Bash Grep

Grep is a great utility in linux shell. It will search all the files for a particular word and display the files and lines. So You can check for a word or sentance using grep. -r will option will perform a recursive search to all subdirectories for the particular word grep -r “foo” /path/to/directory grep -r “foo*” /path/to/directory The * Will search for the starting of word with foo. Search…»

New Twitter Interface Revealed

Twitter announced on September 14th  that they will be rolling out a new user interface.   This is one of the biggest announcements from Twitter since it’s creation in 2006. The goal of the new interface is to provide speed, efficiency and a richer user experience in Twitter.  One of the biggest additions to the new interface is the image and video integration from right within  Now you will be…»

Orkut Virus Bom Sabado is Gaining

Bom Sabado is a virus Affected in Orkut profile account. Basicaly it is a cookie stealing virus. It will send scraps to all the friends in the profile automatically. “Bom sabado” is a Portuguese world it means “Good Saturday” in English.Users are also advised not to open Orkut account until the problem solved. Orkut had just last month announced new updates to the website. It’s a second time Orkut got…»

Jquery Autocomplete – Chained Select Comboboxes

The chain select combobox is a usaual need in a web project. Like a Combo box population based on another combobox change event. For example a city combo is populated on change of state combo. Subcategory combo is populated in change of category combo. The select boxes in HTML forms are flexible and can be handled by jquery system. This feature includes a Jquery ajax call [post or get] and…»

Save Css files from Fire Bug – Firefle Extension

Firebug is a great extension to firefox for a webdeveloper. You can inspect online and edit and change the HTML of a page using firebug. Moreover You can edit the css of the Page and make any page as you like. The problem is After a refresh the page looks like old. You want to change the css every time in the original file. It is great if you can…»

Gimp 2.8 Features Confirmed

The features of gimp 2.8 is confirmed. Great freatures like Single Window Mode, On canvas editing, Rotating Brushes are included in the dev version 2.7.1 . Gimp 2.8 beta is expected after christmas of 2010. Here is a list of features in 1 Finally here: layer groups! It’s now possible to group layers into folders in a tree-like way. You can move and show/hide all layers of a group…»

Ubuntu 11.04 Codenamed ‘Natty Narwhal’ Release Schedule

Mark Shuttleworth has just announced the codename of the next Ubuntu release after Maverick. Ubuntu 11.04 will be called Natty Narwhal. The name follows the usual Ubuntu naming tradition of the codename consisting of an adjective and a name of an animal starting with the same letter, and following an alphabetic order. Continue reading to know more about the Narwhal. For Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), the Ubuntu developers decided to…»

Essential Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Speed Browsing

Firefox is the worlds second popular browser. And it is one of the most featured browser with HTML5 and CSS3 support. and it continues to gain popularity and market share. Here are some firefox keyborad shortcuts to increase your daily browsing speed and  find things more quickly. These shortcuts are based on common keyborad shortcuts like Ctrl+c for copy etc… easy to follow easy to remember and best results in…»

Jquery HTML 5 Form Validation to Firefox Opera and IE

The HTML5 validates forms without additional JavaScript. But this feature is currently available in only Chrome 5 and Safari 5. But a small plugin to jquery will do the magic. It will extend the whole utility to all other Browsers like Firefox,Opera and IE. This Plugin is created by Matias Manchini How does it work? Just create your form according the HTML5 syntax and the script will execute itself. It…»

Top Social Media Presentations in Slide Share

Some Important Social Media Marketing presentations in slide share. What the F**k is Social Media NOW? View more presentations from Marta Kagan. “Does My Butt Look Big in This?” Emerging Trends in Social Commerce View more presentations from Paul Marsden. Never hire a “Social Media Expert” View more presentations from Quentin Charlier. Social Media Monitoring – 10 Free Tools View more presentations from Mike Kujawski. Sponsored