Gnome 3.4 Released. Updated UI, New Apps, New Features


Gnome 3.4 Released on 28th March 2012. The Latest version of Gnome 3 comes with lot of improvements and updates. This gnome provides much more stable and rich interface for clutter free computing. New Apps in Gnome 3.4 Lot of changes in the default applicaitons of Gnome 3.4 introduced.  The Address book app have  ‘Contacts’. UI Changes to Gnome organiser and Gnome ’Documents‘. A disk management utility ‘Disks’ The default chat client…»

XBMC – Linux Media Center 11.0 Released Install on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04


New XBMC Media Center relelased. The Version XBMC 11 Codenamed Eden released with special features, Improvement in speed, Simple and Better Library, BluRay Support, Skin Improvements, Networking Support, AirPlay Support etc.. Updated Weather and Geoip lookup is a plus. XBMC 11 supports Apple TV and iOS. Updates in XBMC Media Center 11.0: addon rollbacks so you can install previous addons versions GPU video decoding on Linux to “some extent” for…»

Download Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpapers Bundle


The competetion over. 15 Wallpapers are selected from thousands of submissions to ubuntu 12,04 in the Precise Pangolin wallpaper submissions group . These wallpapers are bundled with the coming ubuntu 12.04. The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 12.04 is an update of the current purple wallpaper itself. The Ubuntu 12.04 is an LTS edition so for next five years these wallpapers will circulate on some computers. These wallpapers will be included…»

Open source PHP Spread Sheet Application – GelSheet


Free Open Source spreadsheet programme Gelsheet helps to create and edit spreadsheet files in many formats. It will run on stand alone or can plug to WordPress or Fengoffice. The application offers a desktop-like interface and capable of handling multiple documents with in-cell formulas, styling of content and exporting them to multiple formats. You can export with PDF, XLS, XLSX and ODS Formats. So You can edit anykind of spreadsheet…»

Install Firefox 11 in Ubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu 12.04


The firefox 11 is released now. So the well is rolling again. How to install firefox 11 in ubuntu 11.10 or ubuntu 12.04 is the next question. It is easy. Just upgrade your firefox to the next version. Ctrl + Alt + T will start the terminal. Just Add sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox That is all your firefox will be now firefox 11….»

Install Firefox 13 and Thunderbird 13 in Ubuntu


All these stuff is in beta now. Not released for stable. Trying these things for production is a risky job. But for cutting edge users of linux specialy ubuntu can try these softwares with the help of a PPA. It is simple child’s play to add ppa to ubuntu 12.04 . Lets check the upcoming features of firefox 13 and Thunderbird 13 Firefox 13 New Features The major feature in…»

Download 50 Wallpapers for Chrome OS


The new chrome os got lot of changes now. There is a new desktop and window manager called Aura. There are  50 wallpapers have been made available in the Chromium OS builds. All of the images are photographic, hi-resolution, and mainly nature theme. Lot of great Wallpapers with good natural scene are inclued in the pack. The packs size is 42MB. If you are not using the Chrome OS then…»

The Play framework for Webapplications with Java and Scala


Play is a Web Application Development framework for Java/Scala Programmers. It is more easy to create high performance and scalable web applications easly with the power of Java and Scala compiler. The new version of Play 2.0 support Java or Scala. Play is recommended for Java people who are writing high performing web applications. The majour concepts are borrowed from Ruby on Rails. Programmers can easly deploy the applications to…»

Image Hover Effects With jQuery Plugin Adipoli


Hover Effects for a website make it a fresh look. There are lot of jquery plugins to implement hover effects. For Images the hover effect give the website a new design. Adipoli is a jQuery plugin that beautifies and simplifies creating and consuming such hover effects. With a simple function, we can choose the “start effect (normal, transparent or overlay)” and the images will become less catch until they are…»

Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpaper Contest – Great Entries


The Precise Pangolin wallpaper content is going on. Lot of great wallpapers are posted into the contest. The Ubuntu team trying to make Precise Pangolin a Pixel Perfect Operating System. Here are some selections from the pool. The wallpapers selected by OMGUBUNTU Website. You can have a look at the Flickr group for more great Ubuntu 12.04 Wallapapers. You can download these wallpapers to use in your Desktop. May be…»

Fedora 17 Upcoming Features and Updates


Fedora 17 Code named Beefy Miracle Alpha released on February 28 2012. Live CD Images for testing are available now. The new fedora comes with latest Gnome Shell and Gnome 3.4 and KDE 4.8 Fedora 17 is prepared with lot of new featues and enhancements. Some features are for enterprise customers only. But lot of improvements for Desktop people are baking there. The final Stable version of Fedora 17 will…»