Bonfire – A ready to go Application Builder using CodeIgniter

Bonfire is a solid code base for starting a project in CodeIgniter, a powerfull framework for creating great PHP applications with lightning speed. Bonfire includes an elegent and customizable admin UI for every project. It also includes a module generator, by using this a developer can generate a database CRUD code from the scratch. The project started by a CodeIgniter developer Lonnie Ezell in 2011. And  Bonfire does not intend…»

Codeigniter 2.0 New Features and Changes

Codeigniter 2.0 aims new horizons of PHP. Every time codeigniter refered as the slik fastest framework that supports PHP 4.0 too. When we reached the release 2.0 the support for PHP 4.0 dropped. Also lot of changes in the total Framework structure. That is it is now strict OOPs like Kohana . Kohana Said that “This is an OOP framework that is extremely DRY. Everything is built using strict PHP…»

WordPress 3.0 Thelonious Released

After Great Work The thirteenth wordpress Major Release the 3.0 Released. It expected near April Mid but after Two months slip of schedule  it is available for download. Lot of new features are added to 3.0 and the Great thing is it is now a platform with complete features of a CMS. What’s new in 3.0? One of the best ways to find out is to try out the new…»

Decrypt WordPress PHP Footer

Decrypting the Encrypted footer of wordpress themes is realy a mess. It is basically a base_64 endcoded string. But decrypting it is not easy. Ottodestruct made a nice decoder of these string for decrypting and editing the footer of free wordpress themes. You can copy the decoded PHP footer and change the name of the company and some unwanted advertising links present in the footer. If you have some sidebar…»

WordPress 3.0 Multiple website Setup

WordPress 3.0 multisites lets you easily publish multiple sites, on multiple domains, within one installation.  This is a time-saving option for those of us who need to manage multiple separate domains running WordPress, but it does take a little knowledge and file access to set up, and at the moment isn’t for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves technically proficient. You will need to be able to modify your vhosts file…»

WordPress 3.0 Beta Released

The Upcoming CMS – WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 released. It merging WordPress MU and the existing wordpress make WordPress a Multiple Website Content Management System. So it can power a lot of websites from single code base. A great feature that searched for past years. Drupal,Joomla has plugins to manage them. This make wordpress the easiest CMS with great quality. 3.0 Features other great improvements. Also Buddy press will make…»