Bisigi Themes for Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13, Mandriva

Bisigi Project released 14 Great themes for ubuntu. The themes are applicable for any gnome desktop. In ubuntu you can directly install from ubuntu repositories. There are 14 different themes for Ubuntu 10.04 and all other linux distros specially Arch Linux, Frugalware, Mandriva. A stable version of Ubuntu Lucid repository is available. Follow the post to install 14 stunning themes for Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic in just two steps. Some screen…»

Ubuntu 10.04 Compiz Fusion Keyboard ShortCuts

Compiz Fusion is a great eyecandy for Ubuntu 10.04. It changes the visual appearance a lot. Using Keyboard shortcuts you will get great effects on Ubuntu 10.04. Some of the following keyboard shortcuts will not work at all if Compiz (visual effects) if turned off. Here is a list of Shortcuts for compiz Fusion on Ubuntu 10.04 Workspaces Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right/Up/Down arrow – move to the workspace in…»

Create a bootable Ubuntu 10.04 USB drive from CD

Creating a Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB drive is a great Idea. Because you can boot into your own os in any computer Save Your files Work on it. Simply turn of the PC without any trace that you used that PC. Creating a Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB is not a complicat e Process. I tried and got great result. Required Components to create the Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB 1. A…»

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Post Installation Guide

This Guide is completely Copied from  I am keeping this info for my reference because I am a frequent ubuntu installer I need this guide everyday. Ubuntu developers released the latest and greatest Linux OS codenamed Lucid Lynx with Long Term Support for two years. The new version loads faster than Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, is more social, allows you to easily manage and edit your photos, videos and…»

Ubuntu 10.04 Code Named Lucid Lynx Announced

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After the great release of 9.10 Mark Shuttleworth announced the next release of Ubuntu 10.04 as code named Lucid Lynx. Lucid will scheduled for release in April 2010. This version is highly significant because it will be offered with long-term support (LTS). This means that security updates will be available for five years for servers and three years for desktops. Regular Ubuntu releases are only supported for eighteen months. The…»

Gnome 3.0 Quick Tour – Coming on Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13

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Gnome 3, which will be available to install in Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13 will mark the first radical change to the Gnome Desktop since it’s inception, thanks to it’s “new” interface ‘Gnome-Shell’. Doing Things Better On first glance, the Gnome 3 Desktop doesn’t seem all that different from the current default Gnome set-up. You’ll notice there is no bottom taskbar and the top panel has been rearranged somewhat. It also…»